Fall 2022 SuccessWorks Career Programs for L&S Students

SuccessWorks fall career programs and events are for every Letters & Science student with any interest, any major or any background. These in-person and virtual opportunities are valuable from a student’s first year through senior year, and beyond.

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Just Get Started

You don’t have to know anything about what you want to do with the rest of your life to start preparing for a successful life after graduation. Over 7,000 students have already used our quick Canvas Course, Jobs, Internships & How to Get Them, as a crash course in how to get started. 

And remember, SuccessWorks advisors are always here for you, whether you’re in the middle of building job search strategies, or just starting to think about your interests.

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Explore Based on Your Major

Talking with alumni from your major is a great way to discover all the possibilities ahead of you. By sharing their stories, alumni show how their L&S majors prepared them for success in fields far more diverse than you can imagine. 

Major at Work events give you an opportunity to hear from a bunch of alumni at once–all who share the same major. Fall Major at Work events include iBio, Comm Arts, Geography, International Studies and Asian Studies. Explore all Major at Work events.

Canvas Career Conversations is another quick way to connect with alumni of your major. At the end of this virtual 30-minute course, you’ll have the option to connect with one of over 200 UW alumni who have already volunteered to help. Find an alumni mentor based on major, career, or any other details that interest you. 

Explore by Career Interest

Already have an idea of what you’re interested in? Start with Career Communities! SuccessWorks Career Communities are organized into eight clusters of similar occupations, based on where alumni have built great careers.

At the heart of each Career Community is an expert SuccessWorks Career & Internship Specialist who advises students and connects them with alumni mentors, tips, resources and the employers who hire L&S students. 

Discover fall 2022 programs built specially for each Career Community:

Explore Based on Your Identity or Background

Mentorship from alumni who share your identity, background or other important experiences can make all the difference in the world for discovering career possibilities and learning how to get the skills and experience you need to achieve your dreams. Take 30 minutes to complete the online Canvas Career Conversations course, then we’ll help you connect with alumni with identities or backgrounds similar to yours. 

Visit the Equity & Inclusion Fair on October 6 to find an internship or job, or just to meet with employers seeking to connect with students from diverse backgrounds.

Get a Job or Internship

Fall features seven separate days of Career Fairs, including fairs for all majors, plus special fairs like the Equity & Inclusion Fair, the Tech, Data & Analytics Fair, the Computer, Data & Information Sciences Fair, and the Public Service Fair.

Before the fairs, stop by Career Fair Prep Night on September 12 to get resume feedback from employers and advisors, practice your elevator pitch and get answers to your career fair questions.

Check out a full listing of Career Fairs for L&S students.

Seeking a crash course on how to land a job or internship? Start with our online Canvas course Jobs, Internships & How to Get Them. 



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