What are Career Communities?

Your major doesn’t always point to a specific career, and that’s OK – there are lots of possibilities opened up to you with your Letters & Science education. Career Communities help you explore your areas of interest and potential career paths you could try.

Each Community has guides and events to help you learn about your options, industry-specific resources to help you land a job or internship, and a Career & Internship Specialist ready to chat and help you figure out your next steps, wherever you are in the process.

We encourage you to explore as many Career Community hub pages as you’d like! Let your interests guide you.

Not sure which to check out? Try our Career Interests Quiz to find out which areas you might be more interested in, or learn about potential career paths with your major.

Energized by creativity, collaboration, production, or performance? Learn more about how your L&S degree could translate into a career in advertising, publishing, entertainment, museums, or the arts.


L&S students from every major have found successful careers in the business world. Explore career opportunities such as consulting, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and more.


Learn more about careers in fields such as Environmental Planning/Conservation, Sustainability, Resource Management, Remediation/Compliance, Quality Assurance, or Wildlife Management.


Would you like to affect issues in the US, the world, or right at home in your local community? This community has options ranging from crafting policy, to serving in elected office, to being a diplomat, to making appeals in a court of law.


If you’re interested in helping people professionally, this community might be for you. Careers range from directly providing care to health management & administration, working for health systems, private practices, and state/community orgs.


Want to make a difference on a local or global scale, working for a mission-driven organization? Energized by the thought of teaching in the US or abroad? This community can help you explore these paths.


Whether in the lab or in the field, explore scientific opportunities ranging from behavioral, biological, environmental, forensic, and chemical sciences, to physics, pharmaceuticals, and scientific consulting.


Like problem solving and analyzing? Working with technology and numbers? This thriving, high-demand field might be for you.


Still Not Sure Where to Start?

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Career Exploration Center

If you are unsure about what to major in and how it might fit with potential careers, check out the Career Exploration Center in Ingraham Hall.