During Your Internship Search, Watch for Red Flags

You may have been in classes that start with a student giving a one to two minute announcement, featuring “great summer internship opportunities.” Often they ask you to fill out a contact form which they collect in class. They then follow-up and offer an interview on campus at a union or library. Interviews are usually conducted by fellow students.

Typically, these are for positions in painting, book, or cutlery sales. Positions are often labeled as “manager,” “intern” or “entrepreneur” and require you to purchase supplies or marketing material. We caution you to avoid any positions that require you to purchase supplies or materials on your own.

When considering internship opportunities, remember to ask a lot of questions and read the fine print. If you have any doubt, contact SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science at successworks@ls.wisc.edu or 608-262-3921.

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