Using ChatGPT for your resume or cover letter? Read this first!

ChatGPT and other AI tools are changing the way people work and write. Some job seekers have even tried using these tools to assist with job and internship applications. But with any technology, there are potential downsides, such as application materials that are too generic or broad, or on the flipside, misrepresenting your actual skills, qualifications, and experience. Although it’s generally best that you write your own materials (and we’re here to help you do that), if you do decide to use these tools to help you in the job search, here are five things to keep in mind.

  1. The more specific the prompt, the more specific the output.
    Try having a draft resume already created and copy-and-paste the parts of the position description that actually match your skills and experience.
  2. Carefully proofread and edit the bullet points.
    Check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity. Do you actually have the experience that AI says you do? This is important: you need to maintain the integrity of your actual skill set and experience. If you misrepresent your skills, qualifications, and experience, employers will eventually find out and it could cause you to lose your job.
  3. Know your resume as if you wrote it yourself.
    You will get asked about your skills and experience in interviews and you will need to be able to further define (and possibly defend) what you presented in your resume and cover letter.
  4. Be careful using it for cover letters for writing-related jobs.
    If writing will be an aspect of your position, DO NOT use ChatGPT to write your cover letter as it will not be an accurate reflection of your writing skills.
  5. Ask a human for feedback before submitting.
    You’re in luck – we’re the humans who can help! Check out our resume and cover letter resources, including a quick resume review by a real person, to help make sure you’re good to go.

Proceed with caution! Machine learning is very impressive, but it’s not a complete replacement for the time it takes to put together a resume and cover letter that will get you noticed by employers. AI solutions aren’t 100% accurate – it’s up to the job seeker to provide the most accurate information and check/adjust what gets created. Also, you’ll want to review ChatGPT’s company policy to make sure you’re okay with how they use personal data.

Remember you can always use our human-curated resources on our website, or make an appointment with a real person at SuccessWorks for personalized help!