The Thank You Letter

The thank you letter is one of the most important,yet probably one of the most underutilized, tools in a job search. It establishes goodwill and expresses appreciation and can strengthen your chances for being hired for the position. Everyone who helped you in any way should get a thank you letter–networking/informational interview contacts, references, and job interviewers. If it’s not possible to send a thank you letter to everyone you met during an interview, send a thank you letter to your host or the highest ranking manager you met, extending your appreciation to everyone else through his or her.

Just make sure to send them as soon as possible after the interview–within 24 hours! It is equally acceptable to send a thank-you letter via email or regular mail, handwritten (if you have neat penmanship) or typed.

Thank you letters should be warm and personal. They’re a good chance to further make a great impression. Start out by expressing your sincere appreciation. Follow by reemphasizing your strongest qualifications. Reaffirm how your qualifications truly match the requirements of the job.

At the close of the letter, mention your interest in the position one more time. This is also your chance to give any bit of new information that would complement what your interviewers learned about you in the interview. Close your letter by restating your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and consideration.


123 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53715

July 6, 20xx

Dr. Craig Foster, Director
Technical Design Group
Raleigh Engineering Systems, Inc.
1357 Sedgwick Avenue
Newport, VA 23607

Dear Dr. Foster:

I want to thank you very much for interviewing me yesterday for the associate engineer position. I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about your research and design work. My enthusiasm for the position and my interest in working for RES were strengthened as a result of the interview. I am confident my education and cooperative education experiences fit perfectly with the job requirements, and I am sure that I could make a significant contribution to the organization. I want to reiterate my strong interest in the position and in working with you and your staff. You provide the kind of opportunity I seek. Please feel free to contact me at (608)555-1234 or if I can provide you with any additional information. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

Chris Johnson