Annalisa Solis

Position title: Career Advisor

Pronouns: Career Advisor

Website: Make an Advising Appointment

Phone: Availability: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Hometown: Los Fresnos, TX

Education: Currently a JD/MPA student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A in English Language and Literature/Letters and Political Science at Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Hobbies: Go on nature walks; my favorite place to go is the Arboretum

What’s your favorite thing about being a peer advisor?

I love taking appointments and listening to the students because every student has a different story and has a different perspective on what going to college means to them. Just listening to what they have to say about their education is really interesting.

How did you decide your major/career path?

I have always wanted to be in the immigration sector. From a really young age, I knew that I wanted to be able to do immigration law work pro bono, so I base my undergraduate degree which is an English political science degree to allow myself to get into law school. 

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be afraid to network!

What’s a career resource at SuccessWorks that you wish you learned about sooner?

I believe the career conversations or alumni portal within the career conversations. It helps remove the stigma of cold calling people. It also allows you to request conversations with people that are already open to talking to you. So, I think having a resource of people that have gone through what you’re going through and already know you’re going to contact them removes the intimidation factor. I think that’s really valuable in getting started with networking.