Jack Brooks

Position title: Graduate Student Intern

Email: jdbrooks3@wisc.edu

Website: Make an Advising Appointment

Phone: Availability: Mondays through Thursdays

About Me


Hometown: Spring, Texas

Major:  MS in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling (2024) from UW-Madison, BS in Communications and English from Florida State University

Hobbies: Church, reading, watching college football, spending time outside (when the weather permits)


What are your current post-graduation plans?

I hope to work as a counselor focusing on individuals with physical disabilities.

What is your favorite or least favorite job you’ve had? 

I taught HS English and loved getting to dive into each reading with my students. Hearing their individual analyses/interpretations was so exciting!

What is one thing you’ve learned about careers that you wish you’d known earlier?

I wish I would have known that your first job does not have to be (and usually is not) your forever job. It is okay to continue exploring interests after you graduate!

What do you like about working as a peer advisor at SuccessWorks?

I enjoy getting to meet the talented students at UW and hear of their aspirations–the students I work with inspire me regularly!