International Students-Career Fair Prep

We recognize that being an international student (one who will eventually require sponsorship in order to work in the U.S.) presents some unique challenges. To assist you in responding to those challenges, the following resource are specific to the international student experience at career and internship fairs.

Career Fair Do’s and Don’ts for International Students

DON’T begin with “Do you sponsor?”
DO let the employer raise the issue of sponsorship if they are interested
DON’T begin with “Do you hire international students?”
DO begin with questions that will get a conversation started and let the employer learn what you bring beyond being international.
DON’T begin with “Hi, I’m ____ and I’m from ____”
DO begin with an introduction that emphasizes your qualifications for the job and the company
DON’T begin with “Hi, what does your company do?”
DO showcase the research you have done into the company and your fit for it
DON’T go up to talk to recruiters in groups or pairs.
DO go one at a time

Answering common employer questions about sponsorship

“Do you need sponsorship?” or “Do you need work authorization?”

  • “My education visa covers me for internships. I don’t need any authorization or sponsorship from an employer.”
  • “My education visa covers me for X months during which time I do not need authorization or sponsorship from my employer. After that I would need my employer to file for a work visa, but I expect by that time to have really demonstrated my value and my fit for your company.”
  • “I would not require sponsorship or any additional paperwork or expense to work for you as an intern. If, as I hope happens, I do such a great job that you want to keep me on for full time, then I would ultimately need sponsorship.”