Inter-LS 215: Communicating About Careers

Build skills you can use now for job & internship searches. INTER-LS 215 is a new, three credit course that will help you explore and build on your strengths and interests. Plus, this course fulfills your Comm B requirement!

You’ll develop the skills and confidence you need for a lifetime of success, including how to:

  • Write a great resume and cover letter
  • Connect with L&S alumni who can help you get ahead
  • Explore different fields and careers that match your interests
  • Get the most value from your major and degree
  • Create a supportive network of professors, TAs, alumni and peers
  •  Land great internships and jobs

This course fits best for first-year students, sophomores and juniors, but is open to students of all academic levels. Learn more at the Course Guide on MyUW.

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Course Description

This course explores the meaning and value of a liberal arts and sciences education for careers in the global, technological, and multicultural workplace of the 21st century. Through a series of individual and collaborative research and communication assignments that meet the learning objectives of the Communications B general education requirement, students learn to critically analyze the career and education implications of a diverse and digital workplace, and to critically reflect on their own strengths and values as they prepare to connect their college work with lifelong career success. Students practice academic skills of analyzing scholarly articles, constructing written essays, presenting formal speeches, and crafting digital presentations, as well as career skills of building resumes, writing cover letters, using social networking tools, and interviewing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand, evaluate, and communicate arguments about the nature of work in contemporary global, digital, and multicultural society, with respect to a specific target career community.
  • Develop and communicate a compelling personal career narrative about your path through a liberal arts and sciences education, with respect to a specific target career community.
  • Acquire and apply conceptual knowledge about the global, technological, and multicultural workplace of the 21st century, and the value of a liberal arts and sciences education for success in such a workplace.
  • Analyze and critique news articles and scholarly texts on the nature of professional work in global,digital, and multicultural society, especially as that work relates to technological automation and workforce diversity.
  • Explore and select among a wide range of university opportunities for majors and career communities, high-impact and extra-curricular educational experiences, and experiential work and service opportunities.
  • Improve instrumental skills of career research,professional networking, and personal branding,through persuasive oral, written, and online communication.
  • Access and use interpersonal resources for career exploration including career advising experts and alumni networking opportunities.
  • Understand the different sources of mobility,opportunity, and power in the contemporary global, digital, and multicultural workplace,especially the current polarization in earnings and wealth related to digital technology.
  • Build a critical awareness of patterns of under-representation, stereotyping, and inequity in various industries and career communities, by understanding the connections between diversity,inclusion, and creativity in the workplace.
  • Engage in critical reflection on your strengths and experiences, your curricular path and extra-curricular explorations, your personal positionality in a world of diverse employees and organizations, and your individual career goals.
  • Evaluate your chosen career community with respect to both debates over digital transformation of work and polarization in the workforce and debates over diversity, inclusivity,and creativity in the workplace.
  • Synthesize your educational, extra-curricular, and workplace accomplishments into a coherent and compelling narrative representing your career path and life goals to date.

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