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Of all the nation’s employers, none can match the scope, range, or variety of opportunities with the government. No matter what your major, skillset, or interests, the government is a career path that you should consider! Not only will you find opportunities with the well-known “alphabet agencies” (FBI, DNR, DOS, etc.), but smaller, lesser-known agencies doing essential work throughout the country and around the world. 

Key Skills and Abilities

  • Clear, concise writing skills
  • Intercultural communication
  • Leadership
  • Patience with bureaucracy & willingness to navigate within a complex system
  • Collaboration & interpersonal skills
  • Job-specific technical skills

Common Employers 

  • Federal Agencies
  • State Agencies
  • County Agencies
  • City Agencies
  • Government Corporations

Working for the government may not sound glamorous, but job stability and excellent benefits can make a huge difference in your quality of life as a full-time employee. Plus, the government is highly structured, which means that you usually have clear, predictable paths for promotion and growth within your role, as well as the transferable skills and relevant knowledge to easily move around within the government or into the private sector at any point in your career. 

However, this size and structure of the government does mean that it’s important you know how to navigate the hiring system. Understanding how to set up your search, narrow down opportunities that suit your needs, and tailor your application materials can be overwhelming, but SuccessWorks is here to help!

Types of Government

Federal Government

As the nation’s largest employer, the United States federal government can be a great option for students and recent graduates to consider. There is a need for every major, every skill set, and every interest area! In addition to competitive pay, federal employees receive one of the best benefit packages in the country, including paid time off, retirement benefits, and health insurance. 

Though the federal hiring system is notoriously complicated, learning how to navigate this system can put you at a huge advantage when applying for jobs and internships. In fact, the federal government often goes out of its way to recruit students and recent graduates! SuccessWorks can help you figure out which areas of federal work you should consider, put together strong application materials to show that you’re a competitive candidate, and help you work through all the intricacies of the federal process. 

State & Local Government

When you think about government work, it’s easy to jump straight to the federal level. However, for candidates looking to make a difference close to home, or who want to stay connected to a particular location throughout their career, state and local government can be a great option. 

As a state, county, or city government employee, you often get the opportunity to do much of the same work that you could do at the federal level. State employees work on a wide range of issues from the implementation of policies regarding healthcare, education, and public works, to state travel and tourism initiatives, to international trade affecting companies located in the state, to working with the state’s elected officials.

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