Fall Career Focus Weeks

Welcome to your guide for getting a job or internship this fall. We’ve broken down the fall semester into focus weeks so you can put your attention where it needs to be – making your next move toward success in your area of interest. Just starting to figure out what you want to do? No problem. There are plenty of opportunities to explore, too.

Focus Weeks

Focus on your career area(s) of interest. These weeks are centered around industry-specific career fairs, prep events, sessions to help you get a job or internship in the field, and opportunities to network with employers and alumni.

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Exploration Weeks

Oct. – Nov.

There are many paths you can take, and your major doesn’t have to restrict you to a specific field! Take it from Badger alumni who have used their L&S degrees to work in all sorts of roles. Here are some great opportunities to learn more about your options this fall.

Events and Opportunities

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Virtual or Phone Advising

Make an appointment with a Career & Internship Specialist to ask questions, get personalized advice, and one-on-one help with your next steps, wherever you are in the process.

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