L&S Talent Connection

Talent Connection gives employers who are new to L&S a roadmap for how to make the most of SuccessWorks services, particularly focusing on campus recruitment.

Our goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship that is long lasting from year-to-year so we can properly build on your hiring goals and assist students with great opportunities for employment.


How Talent Connection Works For You

Schedule an in-person or phone consultation with Nate Doolin, our Recruiting & Events Coordinator to gather information and create an intentional base-level strategy plan to engage quickly.

L&S Talent Connection provides personalized assistance with our comprehensive services for employers:

  • Knowledge and Information on our college, students and UW-Madison
  • Posting jobs on Handshake and assistance with using the system
  • Attending a Career Fair and navigating best approaches to reach our students across campus
  • Attending a Networking Event
  • Participating in student development events (mock interviews, prep night, workshops, etc.)
  • Assistance with scheduling on-campus interviews for the highest reach of candidates
  • Referrals to relevant staff on campus


Employers with intentional involvement in student programs have better recruitment outcomes. Here’s how you can build a relationship with SuccessWorks that strengthens your hiring agenda:

  • Report hires to our Employer Relations Team
  • Join our on-demand list for faculty and staff event requests
  • Consult with our Career Advisors on continually educating us on student preparation, company updates or known shifting industry trends
  • Serve as an employer member of one or more of our eight career communities
  • Notify us of changes in company recruiter contacts
  • Openness to have end-of-term or summer debrief check-ins

Schedule a Consultation

Nate Doolin, Recruiting & Events Coordinator, is available for phone and in-person consultations to develop a plan for your recruitment process. These one-on-one or group sessions serve as a platform to educate the employer on our services as well as gather information to best match our offerings with your needs. These in-depth conversations will give you the best approach to connecting with our students and deliver support to your recruitment goals.

Megan Aley

Position title: Career & Internship Specialist: Communications, Entertainment, & the Arts

Email: megan.aley@wisc.edu

Nathan Barker

Position title: Director of Marketing & Communications

Email: npbarker@wisc.edu

Andrea Boulanger

Position title: Director of Career Advising & Communities

Email: andrea.boulanger@wisc.edu

Steven Catania

Position title: Career Education and Learning Manager

Email: steven.catania@wisc.edu

Vinya Cherian

Position title: Graduate Student Intern

Email: vcherian2@wisc.edu

Duane Cooper

Position title: Director of Employer Development

Email: duane.cooper@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-265-9205

Matt Delaney

Position title: Associate Director of Career Advising & Communities/Career & Internship Specialist: Consulting, Finance, Management, & Client Relations

Email: matt.delaney@wisc.edu

Greg Downey

Position title: Faculty Director, L&S Career Development Courses

Email: gdowney@wisc.edu

Beth Karabin

Position title: Career & Internship Specialist: Technology, Data & Analytics

Email: ekarabin@wisc.edu

Michael Kruse

Position title: Associate Director of College Partnerships

Email: mkruse@wisc.edu

Nancy Kujak-Ford

Position title: Director of Strategy & Impact

Email: nancy.kujakford@wisc.edu

Jake Kujawa

Position title: Communications Coordinator

Email: jpkujawa@wisc.edu

Maureen Muldoon

Position title: Career & Internship Specialist: Healthcare & Human Services, Environment, Natural Resources & Wildlife, Scientific Research & Development

Email: maureen.muldoon@wisc.edu

Rebekah Paré

Position title: Associate Dean & Executive Director

Email: rebekah.pare@wisc.edu

Emmeline Prattke

Position title: Career & Internship Specialist: Government, Policy, International Affairs, & Law

Email: emmeline.prattke@wisc.edu

Kathleen Rause

Position title: Internship Coordinator

Email: kathleen.rause@wisc.edu

Brandon Spoon

Position title: Associate Director of Marketing & Communications

Email: brandon.spoon@wisc.edu

Amanda Waller

Position title: Administrative Manager

Email: adwaller@wisc.edu

Angie White

Position title: Director of Internships & Employer Services

Email: angie.white@wisc.edu

Janine Yeh

Position title: Recruiting & Events Coordinator

Email: jmyeh@wisc.edu

Hao Yuan

Position title: Career & Internship Specialist: Technology, Data, & Analytics

Email: hyuan39@wisc.edu